Sean Lowe Gets Super Pumped While Selling Women’s Handbags

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Sean Lowe Works It at The Factory Girl on December 11, 2012
Photo Credit: @FactoryGirl

Bachelor Sean Lowe has a secret: he’s obsessed with ladies’ purses. Basically, he’s the Carrie Bradshaw of Bachelor Nation, only with blonde eyebrows and a six pack.

When he isn’t busy slaying us with his devastating good looks, Sean works for The Factory Girl, a Dallas-based company that sells purses, wallets, furniture, and one-of-a-kind pieces custom-made by Sean’s best friend, Clay Silver.

But what does Sean do at The Factory Girl (other than fondle handbags all day)? From the looks at this Instagram picture, he answers phones while looking extremely cheerful. But we like to think he spends his free time daydreaming about the perfect clutch.

Intrigued by Sean’s job? Head over to The Factory Girl’s website and check out his goods! Also, why do we get the feeling that the “Big Buddah” was named after Seany himself?

Source: InstagramThe Factory Girl

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